You are taught to align your body perfectly before starting an exercise, and then to isolate individual muscle groups and work with them in a controlled and precise way without putting strain on other areas. If you are used to a high intensity fitness class or your muscles aching after lifting weights, you will be amazed by the gentleness of Pilates. The exercises are simple and minimal but so effective that you only need to perform a few repetitions at each session. 

The Key Principles

Concentration - Ultimate mindfulness! Focusing your mind on what your entire body system is doing right here, right now! 

Control - Exercises must be performed deliberately and carefully, engaging the correct muscles.

Centre - Maintain a strong stable core with correct postural alignment.

Flow - Exercises are performed smoothly which encourages muscle fibres to connect correctly and in time builds incredible strength and power.

Precision - Think quality not quantity, aim for perfectly, co-ordinated movements.

Breathing - Improve your lung capacity as you expel stale air and energise with the inhalation of new oxygen, aiming to perform each movement along with the rhythm of your breath.

Imagination - Visualise! use imagery to improve the quality of your movements, for example, imagine you are performing the exercises under water.

Intuition - Listen to you body, work within your limitations, the more you condition your body the fewer limitations you will have.

Co-ordination - With regular practice all of the above can be performed in unison at the same mindful moment, conditioning the body and de-stressing the mind.